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garage door partsA garage door is very important but, the thing that makes it great is the garage door opener. The opener allows you to come home after a hard day’s work and park in a dry, safe and comfortable environment, without having to get out of your car to lift the garage door. One push of a button and it's easy in and out.  The garage door opener does all of the lifting and pushing to put the door exactly where you want it.

We sell a wide range of garage door openers from a few selected vendors. LiftMaster openers—from the economical chain drive to the ultra-quiet and reliable belt drive. We also sell a variety of Marantec operators which are very quiet and have outstanding Factory warranties. Both manufacturers make very good openers.

We install and sell more than a thousand garage door openers every year. We love happy customers, and happy customers are people who experience no problems with their openers. We count on LiftMaster garage door openers to keep everyone smiling. Their wide selection of top-quality openers offers something for everyone. From the base model chain drive to the premier DC motor, battery-backup, super-quiet, Internet capable, 3/4 horse power model 8550 featuring MyQ technology, you cannot go wrong with LiftMaster.

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And if your current garage door opener is not working right, we can fix it. We can fix overhead garage door openers including the infamous Genier Excelerator mess. We fix the Overhead Legacy model to. We repair a lot of Genie garage door openers also, both new and old. Craftsman, Sears, and Chamberlain are all easily repaired by our service techs every day. We stock Marantec parts in the office including replacement remotes, keypads, and photo eyes.


We carry parts for most operators out there today. Call our office if you are looking for something. We stock remmotes for almost all operators including Genie, LiftMaster, Craftsman, Overhead, and Marantec. The springs on your garage door are designed to make it seem very light and easy to operate. Broken garage door springs are a common occurrence with today's garage door systems. Most garage doors installed by builders are designed for about 10,000 cycles. That means they are designed to open and close your door at least 10,000 times. But eventually they break. And when the springs break the garage door becomes very heavy. A garage door typically weighs more than 150 lbs, which means you will not be able to use the garage door until it is repaired. We fix garage door springs fast and we fix them right. 


The garage door torsion spring is actually a large piece of steel which is bent even more as the door is closed and opened. Eventually the metal will break through fatigue. Strangely, some springs last much longer and some break much faster depending metal quality or number of cycles, or temperature issues. Many people believe that the springs rust and this causes them to break. This is not true. Sometimes when there is a fast temperature change and the door is operated the springs can break. In Austin it seems we get more calls for broken springs when the temperature at night is cold and the day warm. Regardless, a broken garage door spring must be replaced. The door should not be operated without the springs. The weight of the door is being lifted by the motor and this is dangerous and a sign that the motor is not adjusted correctly.

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Garage door repair is a dangerous undertaking for a homeowner. Please call a service professional that can do it for you. Use a licensed contractor,a member of the better business bureau is also a plus. We are available nights and weekends, with same day service always available. Whether a broken spring,a problem with your opener, or anything related to your garage, we can help!